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Why a good headshot is essential to your career

June 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When many of us hear the word "headshot", an image of someone with an awkward pose and a stiff fake smile with a bland background comes to mind. A groan may even sneak it's way out of your mouth thinking about the idea of having to update your own. You might even think- I can just take one with my cell phone- I mean it's just so people can see what my face looks like, right? My answer to that is a resounding no! There is so much value in a good headshot! Let me give you the down low on why.

Katie-Laine Thornton with Makeup and Hair by herself.

First off- let's just pretend you are looking to hire someone for their services- a lawyer, a business coach, wedding planner, an artist or performer, ANY type of business owner (especially in the creative field)- you name it. You do your googling, then decide to click on their website. Of course you want to know who the person you'd be doing business with is, so you click on their about page. You are met with an unprofessional, blurry photo that tells you nothing about who they really are, or what their personality is like. You don't connect with them, and you most likely will associate an unprofessional photo with the notion that they themselves aren't a true professional and expert in their field. Because of this, it's less likely you'd hire them. Beginning to see the value of that professional headshot yet? 

Hair and Makeup by Katie-Laine Thornton

Let's go a step further- hair and makeup. Professional hair and makeup is essential to a truly amazing portrait. Even if you feel like a total pro with doing your own hair and makeup for your shoot, or a have a friend that says she is, you/they probably have not done it specifically for a photo shoot- and yes, that does make a difference! Why, you ask? Let me count the ways! First off- being stressed out will show in your photos, and worrying about doing your own hair and makeup can definitely cause some stress (Ladies, one word- eyeliner. Two words- false lashes. Ya feel me?) Having a true professional do your hair and makeup just takes that stress out of the equation. Secondly- ain't nobody got time for that! We know you're busy getting work done and making that money, honey! A professional makeup and hair artist (or MUAH), knows how to get you looking fly, and in a time efficient manner. And third- we work with professionals who know exactly what works best for the lighting conditions of your photos, and how your hair and makeup will be read by the camera. 

Susan Moon, owner of Hang the Moon Nashville. Hair by Lincoln of Local Honey, Makeup by Alicia Maynard.

What we really love to do is flip the notion of a dull "corporate" headshot, into a fun and creative lifestyle portrait that will really show off who you are, what your personality is like, and will connect you in a truly relatable way to your clients. It's basically you introducing yourself to your client base (or potential employer)- and first impressions are important. It's more than just showing people what your face looks like, it's their first glimpse into who you are. I guarantee you it will affect your bookings, your potential to be hired, and the ability to continue (or begin) doing what you love and are passionate about. Because of this- it can most definitely affect your revenue stream! Which is why it is indeed essential to your career.

Courtney Webb, owner of Hey Rooster General Store. Makeup by Alicia Maynard, hair by Lincoln of Local Honey.  

So now I know you must be like- "Gee, this actually is SUPER important, just where and when can I get on this", right?? Well, you, my dear, are in luck. We are teaming up with the uber amazing makeup and hair artist Katie-Laine Thornton for a special headshot/lifestyle portrait session this coming Sunday, June 11th. Here are the details:

-Professional hair and makeup provided by Katie-Laine Thornton (who has 15 years of professional experience, has been published in People country, and Nashville lifestyles, among others, has 10 years of experience with MAC, has taught makeup academy at Paul Mitchell the School, and is an expert in makeup for photography!)

-A 15-20 minute photo session with us

-Three high resolution fully retouched images

-Options for additional images available

Hair and makeup will be done at the location of the photoshoot, which is at a beautiful private residence in Hermitage, TN- just minutes from Nashville. And since we know how busy you must be, and value your time, you'll be able to do all of this within an hour and a half time span! 

Hair by AmyRose, owner of Hocus Pocus Beauty Boutique. Makeup by Katie-Laine Thornton.

The rate for this sweet sweet deal is 250. We've still got just a few slots open, so hit me up at amy@andhowimaging (or click here) to reserve your space! If you can't make it for a session this Sunday, June 11th, you can always schedule your own session at a time that is convenient for you. We look forward to hearing from you!!


Photo of Katie-Laine Thornton with makeup and hair by herself.


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