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Mary Clare & Curtis

July 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

As wedding photographers, we are used to falling into bed with our backs and feet sore from a full day of work at a wedding. Don't get us wrong, it's a good kind of sore, but what is really special is when you fall into bed with your face and your sides sore as well from all the genuine smiling, laughing, and fun you had. This typically is accompanied by a sense of urgency to wake up even earlier than normal- dying to get to our computer and dig into all the photos we captured. It's like Christmas morning, or your birthday when you were 8. We are so thankful to have clients like Mary Clare and Curtis who give us these kinds of gifts!

When we first met these two (and their adorable pup they brought along!) about a year ago for their engagement session we knew we were going to have a blast working with them. And guess what? Yep, we were right. Their wedding was freakin gorgeous! Not only aesthetically speaking, but the genuine amount of happiness, excitement, and ease just cast a golden glow on the whole day. Mary Clare's smile was contagious, as was Curtis' (especially when he first saw Mary Clare walking down the aisle), and they were surrounded by a palpable amount of love by their family and friends. Plus their flower girl was the sweetest thing we've ever seen, AND they had giant jenga at the reception! Score!

Venue: Buffalo River Farm



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