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Jared's Film Noir Inspired Portrait Session

July 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

There's something about creating film noir inspired portraits that just lights a flame inside our weird little artistic souls. The drama, the moodiness, the intensity- being able to bring light to specific details of a person or scene while still embracing so much of the darkness. It all works together in such a way to draw you in to a story- you can't help but hear the flick of a lighter, or imagine the flash of car lights illuminating a mysterious man's eyes in an dark ally way. 

Jared brought the perfect style and embodiment to this session, we loved working with him and the way he allowed our creativity to flow as we moved from location to location and experimented with different light set ups. In short- we had a blast with this!

Love film noir too? Keep your eyes peeled, cause we've got another noir session to blog soon- this time it's a couples session! 

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