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Sica & Ira

November 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Sica and Ira's backyard wedding was a total blast, and was anything but ordinary! When the bride wears a strikingly badass dress featuring a black lace overlay with a red corset lace up back, and mums in her hair, the groom a crisp white hat, snakeskin boots and a bold red tie (made by Dapper Geek), and their pup a flower "crown" collar, well- it's gonna be one fantastic wedding day! A few of the things we loved about this wedding:

-The cupcakes were delicious. Yes I'm gonna put that out there first and foremost. 

-The intimacy of being at their home and with close friends and family was beautiful.

-Sica's lovely grandmother walking her down the aisle may have made us tear up.

-Ira's face seeing his love come down the aisle may have also done the same.

-Did I already mention Sica's dress? I'm gonna mention it again. It was AWESOME. We loved the pinup/rockabilly aesthetic of her overall wedding day look!

-We got to enjoy some puppy loves from their sweet babe throughout the day!

-The lighting at their reception was stunning! 

-Ira and his friend pulled out the guitar and jammed for everyone at the reception- cause this is Nashville. And we love that. 

-Their guest book was giant jenga and it was completely rad.

-The amount of love surrounding these two, and the way that love was reflected in their eyes every time we caught them looking at each other.

But my words don't really encapsulate the true awesomness of their day, so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves, they tell the story better than my words ever could!

Diggin on Sica's makeup and hair? Then check these ladies out:

Makeup: Crystal Rose Brown

Hair: Kayce Tutor


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