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Missy & Paul's Post Wedding Session (and why you should book one too)

November 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We love telling a good story (especially YOUR love story) and it starts with your engagement session, the beginning of this wild wedding journey you've both decided to embark on together. Next up- the wedding. The day your stories "officially" join together, and your lover also becomes your spouse and partner in the adventure that awaits you both. This part of your story often is surrounded by many of the people you care for and love, it's full of laughter, excitement, and often feels like a sort of whirlwind of amazingness surrounding you at full speed. We always hope and advocate for you to take some small quiet moments with just you and your love to be alone during the day, but those can at times be hard to find, or hard to document. That's why a good "day after" photo session is so amazing. It's a way to complete this beautiful story and journey you've been living, and that we've had the pleasure of preserving. 

This amazing wedding you've been planning has now come and gone- you laughed, loved, danced, and partied! Then the next morning, you get to wake up next to your husband, or your wife. And, hopefully, you take some time to really enjoy those quiet moments of love and reflection together after such an incredible journey. THIS part of your story is just as important. And so beautiful. And those beautiful moments together, and the feelings within them, are ones that you won't want to forget. Let us tell that part of your story too.

We had the pleasure of photographing Missy and Paul's full wedding journey together, and it really solidified our feelings around this. We would so love to photograph more "day after" sessions. It's a way for us to really capture you both as a couple, very authentically. (And just as a heads up- it doesn't have to be the actual day after the wedding- we understand you may need a day of recovery after your wedding! Chug some coffee, have some greasy waffle house, and rest up buttercups! Your "day after" session can be up to a week after your wedding if need be.)

Thank you again, Missy and Paul, for letting us be there to document and tell your story, it's a really adorably beautiful one. 



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