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Top 5 Tips For Your Pin Up Or Boudoir Session

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Hey there foxy lady! So you've booked your pin up or boudoir session (or you are interested in doing so)- go you!! We firmly believe all women are beautiful, and we LOVE being able to show you just how gorgeous you are! It's normal to feel a bit nervous, and if you're like me- knowing some good tips before hand will help you feel less nervous and instead more prepared and excited for you session. So let's get to it! Here are our top 5 tips:

Consider your personal style and embrace it!

While part of the fun of a pin up or boudoir shoot is getting dolled up and trying a glam look on that you most likely wouldn't wear on a daily basis, we still want to help make sure your personality shines through! So consider what sort of images are more you- dark, moody, and sultry or bright, smiley, and cheeky. Not totally sure? No worries! Feel free to ask us for help on suggestions and we can help create a mood board for your session. From geeky, glam, modern, or classic pin up- we can create a custom session based on YOU. 

Do have professional hair and makeup done!

We strongly encourage you to have professional hair and makeup done for your session for a multiple of reasons. First of all, professional hair and makeup artists (or MUAH's) are trained to know exactly how to beautify you so that you photograph perfectly. We work together with them to come up with a look that will flatter you and make you look and feel amazing. It truly will take your images to the next level. This is particularly true if you choose to do a pin up session, as vintage looks require very specific styling. Secondly- it's part of the fun to get pampered by a team of professionals- you won't have to worry about a thing! A pin up or boudoir session is not only about creating beautiful images for you, but it's also about treating yourself to a wonderful experience that will be fun and boost your confidence! 

Don't be afraid to communicate your concerns with your photographer

As we said before, it is totally normal to feel nervous! If you are feeling that way be sure to communicate with us what specifically you are nervous about- we can help! We want to make sure your experience with us is as fun and empowering as possible.  For instance- we all have certain parts of our bodies that we are more self conscious about than others, and on the flip side, certain things we love about our bodies! If you would like to make us aware of those, we can help to accentuate the things you love about your body and divert attention from the things you don't through posing and lighting. And don't worry- no posing or modeling experience is required, we will guide you step by step! Another thing that can often help put you at ease is having a friend with you- we welcome you bringing along your bestie to help calm your nerves (just please let us know if you plan to.) Also feel free to bring your favorite liquid courage with you! A drink or two of wine can help put you at ease- just don't go too overboard! 

What you wear to your session is almost as important as what you wear (or don't wear) during it!

The day of your session we do recommend arriving in loose comfortable clothing. Remember that many undergarments leave marks on your skin (as do socks!) so if you plan to do any images involving nudity (full, implied, or partial) it is best to go commando! If you are having professional makeup and hair done, you should also arrive with a clean (moisturized) face with no make up on. For your hair we recommend that you wash it the day before your session, but not the day of. Hair that is a bit dirty actually styles better than clean hair! 

As far as wardrobe for your session, we will discuss this with you before hand and help you plan what will work best specifically for you and the style you would like to achieve. While it's always a good idea to bring a nude strapless bra with you, as well as nude undies, we do have an extensive selection of wardrobe (mostly vintage) in various sizes that you are welcome to utilize, as well as lots of great recommendations for local stores and also websites to help plan your wardrobe choices. 

Most importantly- have fun and let that fierce inner vixen shine!!

Trust me- I know how easy it is to get caught up in society's expectations for yourself, and how we are told to look, what is beautiful, and what isn't. On top of that- the normal day-in and day-out worries of life can wear us down and make us lose sight of our inner goddess. That fire inside us that burns so brightly when we feel beautiful and sexy can get pretty dim sometimes. Doing a pin up or boudoir photo shoot can fan that fire and bring it back to life. It can help you to remember just how stunning you are- not just on the outside, but the inside as well. Doing something like this for yourself is brave, and we applaud your courage. Not only is it brave, it is SO FUN. Let us help you capture your beauty at whatever stage of life you are in- don't wait till you've "lost those 5 pounds" or "get a little more toned". You are gorgeous NOW- so let that fierce inner vixen shine!


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