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Best of 2015

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2015 was a FULL year to say the least, both personally and professionally! From going on adventures with our friends and family, to having the privilege of capturing such honest and beautiful moments between couples and their families on their wedding days, being able to bring some creative ideas to life with the aid of amazing artists and models, photographing some of the best events in the world (in our opinions!), and also enjoying the rare calm quite moments at home with one another and our furry critters. While it's had its bumps along the way, and life has taught us some lessons, overall it has been a beautiful year, and we would love to share some of our favorite photographic moments of it with you! 

I had a horribly hard time narrowing down the massive amounts of photos taken this year (my poor hard drives are on overload!) to pin-point just a few of our favorites. So, let me start by saying that this blog post is not going to be one beautiful line of cohesively themed photos; instead it is simply photos that just make me happy, for one reason or another. I hope that maybe they will put a smile on your face as well! 

First I would love to share some of our favorite personal moments:

Chuck and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this year, and he surprised me with a camera I've wanted for quite a while- and even customized the exterior for me! It was the best and most thoughtful gift and such a great surprise. We decided to take the first roll together as some "old school selfies".  I quite adore them! 

We decided to finish up a few frames I had left on another roll of (expired) film while we were at it. By the way- this also makes me happy because this was my first camera (a 35mm Nikon FM2) and is what helped to start my love of photography. 

Chuck is my favorite subject- with my pups following in a close second! One of the many reasons I adore these next photos:

The rare chances that we have to sleep in together and enjoy our mornings with one another are moments that I never take for granted. They always make me happy.

These photos of my parents are dear to my heart. These were taken at my dad's retirement party. He worked for Walmart for nearly 40 years, putting in long hard hours to support my family. I was, and still am, SO proud of him and so happy that he was able to retire and start a new chapter in his life! My parents are just so adorable, and that photo of them taking a selfie together just gets me every time. 

My nephews are awesome. Like SO awesome. This was at one of their birthdays this year, and any time I get to spend time with them (they live in a different state than us) is such a treat. I had the most fun watching them work so hard to get that pinata to burst! I also got hit with quite a few water balloons this day :)

This was actually the same day as the photos before it. My brother took me down some back roads to a secret swimming spot at an old quarry. It was a beautiful day, I got to spend time with my brother, and met some boys that were more than willing to jump off the cliffs for me to photograph them (my brother about gave me a heart attack when he joined in jumping!)

Does this need an explanation? If a photo of my beautiful kitty love doesn't make you smile, well might not be human.

Life is bland without good friends, and let me tell you, I have some of the best friends. This is from a quick trip where we all snuck away to Gatlinburg to celebrate our pal Chris' birthday. Being out in the mountains with friends was definitely a great moment from this year- I just love these cats.

Speaking of friends, this group of women are BADASSES. My girlfriends and I try to get together every few months for a "girls night". They are all such beautiful and talented women that we usually end up doing some sort of fun creative endeavor when we get together. This time we decided to do mug shots as our alter egos!


Moving on to some of our favorite client and professional work still doesn't feel like we are moving away from personal work, because all of our work feels personal to us. We put our heart into what we do, we get to know our clients, and often have the pleasure of working with amazingly talented models and artists who have become great friends of ours over the years.

Bonnie and Chris are dear friends of ours, and Bonnie has been one my favorite muses and models to work with through the years. When they got engaged, we knew we had to do an epic engagement session for them. We jumped in the car and headed to the closest waterfall and did it up right. The water was chilly but the sun was warm. This day was just golden. Of course after we did their engagement photos we had to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and get creative with some fun shots of Bonnie as well!

Speaking of Bonnie, here are a few of our favorite images of her this year:

This last picture here is a series of inverted negative scans from a film project we did. It was also on display at the Corvidae Gallery here in Nashville, TN along with some of my favorite local film photographer's work for the show DARKROOM curated by our good friend and talented model and photographer Nina Covington.

These images make my heart happy for so many reasons. I had an idea where I wanted to portray the goddess Hecate by doing some triple exposures. My bff Jessica (who also is our amazing assistant on the majority of our shoots and weddings) made for the perfect model. I was so happy to be able to work with her on this, and to be able to see my idea come to life. I am so proud of them.

This is John and Jon and they are two of the most stunning men I have had the pleasure of working with. Their couples portrait session completely exceeded my expectations and made me just giddy with how beautiful their images turned out being. Smoking jackets, cigars, and then poptarts and coffee in bed? I mean- come on. 

All that fantastic styling you saw in Jon and John's portraits? It's because of this lady. Huxley is my go to expert when it comes to set and wardrobe styling. She is an amazing artist, an amazing friend, and even more amazing mamma! I jumped at the chance to take some portraits of her and her adorable little foxling this summer! Check out that sweet face! 

Angie and Yaminah's couples session also made my heart sing. They were just so much fun to work with, and every time I see this photo with those happy faces, it makes my own light up.

These are all a handful of some of my favorite engagement sessions from this year. I LOVE engagement sessions. They make me so happy because we get to really meet and make friends with our clients, have a fun day together, and witness their love and laughter. It's such an honor to us to be able to tell peoples love stories. 

Another one of our favorite aspects of our job is being able to cover amazing events, and the friends we make through them. This is Jeffro, and that is one of his cars. We often cover the annual Redneck Rumble that is held in Lebanon, TN each year and one of the best moments of it each year is getting to see and chat with Jeffro. He is such a cool cat and I can never leave without taking a quick portrait of him. 

Kittie Katrina spewing (fake) blood from her mouth while battling it out for an air guitar competition IS the pure essence of rock and roll!!! This lady is killer and we adore her. She is not just a renegade on stage trying her hand at air guitar, she is also an amazing burlesque performer. But that's not all she is talented at either:

 Kittie organized and headed up an amazing project this year to create a calendar that showcased fierce and accomplished local Nashville women (artists, business owners, and performers) where all the proceeds from sales went straight to local women's shelters. Now THAT is badass my friends. We were so happy to be able to photograph many of the women for this project- alongside our good friends at UVUDU? Imaging.

These are some of my favorites from The USO Big Band Bash held at Lanes Motor Museum (SUCH an awesome place!) and put on by the Shindig Mafia. When you combine a historic venue, historic cars, beautiful folks dressed in gorgeous vintage clothing that are amazing dancers, and a good cause, well- you just can't go wrong!

The Summer Wine On The Rails had to be some of the most fun we had all year. Any event put on by our pal Jason Galaz is going to be good- and this one was great. Wine on a train, vintage clothing, live music, and amazing friends all came together to create some truly delightful memories. If you'd like to know more about it, be sure to check out their website and/or our past blog posts about it. 

Muddy Roots is an event we look forward to all year, and start looking forward to again the moment it is over. There was no way I could pick out just a couple photos from this to represent the amount of happiness and cherished moments created here. Instead I hope you enjoy these videos we created, and I also hope our love for this event shines through to show you just how much it means to us. Being able to document this event is such a wonderful experience. 

These moments from a wedding reception we photographed just make me giggle every time I look at them!

We just loved everything about this wedding!! Becky and Devin have the best style and we love how they showcased it for their wedding day. We also adored the way they included their children, I don't think either one of us had dry eyes when the ceremony was over! 

Kate and Jonathan's wedding took place on a stunningly lovely sunny summer day that perfectly reflected their happiness and excitement. It was just simply such a FUN day, and we loved that they really took the time to enjoy it instead of getting caught up in all the little things than can easily pull your attention elsewhere on your wedding day. During their first dances, I realized I had the biggest smile on my face. They were just so beautiful with that sun streaming through the trees behind them. And when I got home and pulled that last picture up of Kate and her son onto my computer screen- well, the smile came back along with a few sentimental tears.

There were so many moments during Heidi and Daniel's wedding that reminded me why I love what we do SO MUCH. They were just ridiculously happy and so in love and we got to capture that. From Daniel's epic reaction to seeing Heidi for the first time in her wedding gown, to a special and really lovely moment between Heidi and her mom, laughter between her and her bridesmaids, that adorable look from the flower girl in the midst of their ceremony, to the fantastic dip for their first kiss as husband and wife. I mean- how amazing is that? We are so incredibly lucky.

Ok, I'm gonna go get some tissues and stop reveling in my sentimental bliss of the past year and get busy creating some new memories for 2016! I hope you all do the same. 

Be bold, be fearless, and don't be afraid to be honest and emotional. We wish happiness, love, laughter, and lots of smiles for you this year!!













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