And How! Imaging | Becky+Devin


May 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Becky and Devin were seriously such a blast to work with. These two lovebirds had incredibly amazing style, and they knew what was most important to them for their ceremony- their friends, family, and children. I'm not ashamed to say we all teared up a bit during their beautiful ceremony when they called their kiddos up to be included. 

Becky is an amazing model (check out her modeling page, Brody Bombshell, on FB) and is therefore no stranger to the camera- and neither is her husband! These two just blew us away and had us enjoying every minute of their wedding day. 

Congrats again to you both! 

Becky handmade those paper flowers! We just adored them. 

That smile! My goodness- the cute factor is strong with this one!

We were in the middle of photographing portraits of Becky with the girls when Devin ran over with a bottle of champagne and a great idea! Needless to say- the loss of this bottle of champagne was totally worth it!


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