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And How! Imaging is now Wilde Company! We are SO excited to share this change with you all! It’s something we have quietly been working on for about the last 6 months, and we are now ready to make it official!

We started getting serious with the idea of our business about 5 years ago, and dove in full force about four and a half years ago. Over the course of that time we have evolved and grown- both personally and with our work. When we started out, the name And How! Imaging made total sense for us. We primarily focused on photographing vintage themed portraits, events, and car shows. Our work was very “retro” based. While we still love those things, we have grown into another direction- and it’s only fitting that our name represents where we are now, and who we and our company have become. And that’s sort of really, really exciting.

We have had the time to really think about what we love doing, and what about our work makes us feel alive and passionate. And guess what? It’s making YOU feel alive, moved, and passionate! Seriously you guys- it’s the best feeling when you allow us to see yourself, when you trust us with that. And being able to capture that for you is kind of the best thing ever.

We are here for all your wilde hearts. We see you. We get you. We SO appreciate you. We want you to never feel afraid to be yourself with us. Your whole self. Never pretend to be something/someone you are not.

Visit us at our new website:

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”
-Oscar Wilde